Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions of Rock Island Party Bus

Q: Are there drinks allowed on the Rock Island Party Bus?
A: Yes, your drinks are welcome aboard our Party Buses. A party isn't a party without some bubbly! We can also have coolers on hand with ice to keep your beverages cold as you party in our party bus, but please request this before hand.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the Rock Island Party Bus?
A: While we support all types of parties, we do keep a strict no smoking policy. We respectfully ask that you please refrain from lighting up cigarettes or cigars while traveling on our buses. We really appreciate your understanding of this rule.

Q: What is the service area of the Rock Island Party Bus?
A: We do our best to service all areas in the greater Rock Island locale. You can check our service area page for the specific information. If you do not see your preferred destination on the list, please let us know and we'll try to do the best to provide our service.

Q: Does Rock Island Party Bus have any deals or special promotion with any local bar or clubs?
A: While we have a lot of expertise on how the party scene in the area moves around and can recommend some great places, as of now we do not hold any special promotion with a local club or bar. We always encourage our clients to check availability before attending any establishments and not be afraid to tell restaurant or bar owners that a party will be coming in, the establishment will often give a discount or special promotion.

Q: Is Rock Island Party Bus licensed by the State of Illinois?
A: We have previously applied and been granted all licenses and permits required by the City of Rock Island to do business as a party bus. All of our chauffeurs are skilled drivers, professional at all times and will address you in a polite and courteous manner. Our buses have also been insured and inspected by the State Transportation board.